The Pie​-​In​-​Ear + House Of Fickles

by Fickles The Clown

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releases January 1, 2018



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Fickles The Clown San Jose, California

they’ll work you til’ the death and take your every dime, and even on your dying breath
they'll charge you for their time!

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Track Name: Pain Keeps Me Sane
I was born inside a trailer park a place where they all knew me
a liars son I was in disguise, I ran and hid from pain
I found home in obscurity, I thrived on being strange
local vagrants followed light bringing white crystals and pain

at 14 years I wandered far I wasted hours burning
i studied life and artistry with dying friends and pain
I learned to love a scattered mind she had three dozen cats
a walked across old paper plates avoiding feces bugs and pain

I took a journey in my mind, and still my brain is reeling,
relating with the tv stars I watch them enjoy pain
the bills are paid on time but the checks don’t have a meaning
I listen to the instruments, between beats I feel their pain

I left home before I could drive, escaped abusive fate
my family they died quickly, left less memories than pain
I thought that I’d escaped it all, even skipped on out of town
but MRI’s don’t lie to you, they only foretell… pain

pain, pain, thats what keeps me sane
the moment that I’m comfortable the pain invades my brain
pain, pain, thats what keeps me sane
just when I am feeling fine the pain comes back again
Track Name: Goddamn Stupid Red Lights
These goddamn stupid red lights,
try to deprive me of my basic rights,
to travel unfettered to and fro!

To defeat it through pure cunning wit,
I don’t wait til the green lights lit,
some call me genius, well… I know..

it takes a man too many years,
to get to where he wants to be,
and then he longs for what he left behind

so I won’t be stopping gracefully,
Ill run that light and gradually,
Ill get to where I want to be on time!

and when I get that red light….
and it beckons me to stop
I will not obey you red light
I’ll speed up and never stop!

now let me tell you about the red light,
and how Masons use it for fright,
to control us each and every waking hour

through red-glass and electricity,
they strip from us our dignity,
and herd us just like sheep into the fire!

I simply disobey the signs
that try to steal away our minds,
and make us do things we would NEVER do!

So I won’t be stopping on a dime,
Ill keep committing several crimes,
by simply doing what I want to do!

and when I get that red light….
and it shines for me to stop.
you won’t get me you red light!
I’ll speed up and never stop!

never stop! never stop!
never stop! never stop!